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Building a Coalition

The smart phone has made it possible to connect with people around the globe instantly. While technology has changed our world for the better in many ways, it’s also resulted in losing touch with the people within walking distance of our own backyards.

Good Neighbor Day is a national movement to bring a culture of care, concern and connectedness at a grassroots level – in our neighborhoods. The best part about growing good neighborhoods is it’s fun! Check out a few tips on how you can launch your own Good Neighbor Day eventwhere you live.

If you are willing be a part of making neighborhoods better places to live for everyone, you can join our Good Neighbor Day Coalition.

You can also help by following us on Facebook and Instagram and we will continue to keep you posted about the movement and provide tips on being a good neighbor.

Meet some others who have already joined the Good Neighbor Day Coalition.

“A community is only as strong as its people. During my life-long career in custom home building, I have seen how quality homes are bigger than blocks and windows, it’s about building neighborhoods and relationships. Wherever you live, you make it special by the quality of relationships you form and grow.”

Thomas Mosco, CEO & President, Thomas J. Mosco Custom Homes, Orange City, Florida

“Community is essential for life. In my business, coffee is a center point around which friends and family gather. Without gathering together, we lack connectedness. Invite a neighbor to meet up with you and grab a cup of coffee together. Let’s keep building stronger communities.”

Gus Torres, CEO, Orlando Coffee Roasters, Orlando, Florida

“Let’s connect with our neighbors by giving them a wonderful smile, a warm handshake, and great conversation on National Good Neighbor Day! Everyone needs a good neighbor!”

—Dr. David Lorenz, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Friendswood, Texas

“Caring for people makes you better. When you are better personally, everyone is better collectively! That’s what makes a good neighborhood.”

—Allen Wiggins, Senior Pastor, The Hope Church of Orlando, Orlando, Florida

"As a professional comedian, I travel frequently and have found my neighbors to be the community I crave when I'm gone and grateful they are there when I return home. Life is better with good neighbors and it starts with us.”

—David Dean, Comedian, David Dean Comedy, Huntington, Indiana

“Good neighbors play a vital role in the culture of a neighborhood. It is my desire to exude friendliness, show compassion, earn trust and display acts of servanthood.”

—Tami Swanson, Senior Director, Massey Services, Inc., Orlando, Florida

“National Good Neighbor Day is a positive reminder that each day is the best day to serve those around us with valued intentionality.”

—Dr. Larry Lamb, Cielo Vista Church, El Paso, Texas

“I am so excited about National Good Neighbor Day because I believe every person, family, and neighborhood deserves access to healthy relationships!”

—Ryan Alonso, Lead Pastor, Central Life Church, Cocoa, Florida

“Jesus taught the concept of loving your neighbor as being a Good Samaritan. He said to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ When we care for our neighbors, we can make a difference within our culture and neighborhoods. Jesus knew the power of love which changes lives beginning right where we live.”

—Dusty McLemore, Senior Pastor, Lindsay Lane Baptist Church, Athens, Alabama

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