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The Mindset of a Good Neighbor

The Mindset of a Good Neighbor

It’s nice to talk about being a good neighbor and building great neighborhoods, but how do you actually do it? We are all so busy with our own work and family responsibilities, building community can fall to the bottom of the list. As part of National Good Neighbor Day, we are committed to helping you make your community a great neighborhood. Look at our Good Neighbor Mindset for the basics. In this article, we give a few suggestions on how you can Connect, Invite, Celebrate, promote Awareness, and Availability in your neighborhood.


Take a walk through the neighborhood. Stop when you see someone outside and say hello. Ask about their dog, house, yard – whatever catches your eye. Get their phone number or email so you can connect later.


Pick a theme and do a potluck. This gives people an idea of what to bring, and it's not much work for any one individual. It doesn't have to be indoors. Pitch a tent and bring some tables in a common area or front yard where people can gather.

No room for an outdoor potluck or you don't like to cook? Do a meet up at a local restaurant, park, bowling alley, whatever you like to do for fun.


See balloons on the mailbox or a congrats graduate sign in the yard? It's likely the family is celebrating. Even if you aren't invited to the party, pick another time to stop by and give your congratulations. No gifts required.


Safety in our neighborhoods is essential. Our homes contain our most precious people and possessions. Keep your eyes and ears open to help your community stay safe. Take notice of your neighbors’ cars – become familar with who lives nearby. Check out these tips for parents to help keep kids safe in the neighborhood.

Take note of when neighbors mention they will be out of town and offer to look after their home while they are away. Staying aware helps promote safety and lets your neighors know you care.


Helping in times of need is the hallmark of a good neighbor. We all know that elderly neighbor that might need help bringing in the trash cans or would love a neighborly visitor now and again. Once you start looking for opportunities to assist, you’ll find helping others in the neighborhood doesn’t take much time or effort.

Ready to turn your neighborhood into a great neighborhood? Get involved with National Good Neighbor Day on September 28, 2019.Sign up and become a Good Neighbor Ambassador so we can offer you support and tips to be the change in your community.

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